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September 16, 2012
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Monster by NegativeFeedback Monster by NegativeFeedback
You define “human” within certain limits of your own self.
I... have no choice but to define it as something I am not and will never be.
I am what I am.
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ocult90 Sep 22, 2012  Student Digital Artist
simply beaty
DeathicusTheDamned Sep 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
To expose oneself of their monsters is in itself beauty. She looks so serene, at peace. It's simply stunning, great work.
Favourited for the comments as much as anything, by which I mean this is classic human nature (refer my sig).
Reminds me of Saint Alessia, from the Elder Scrolls series. Her union with the winged bull Morihaus Breath-of-Kyne whose horrific progeny would go on to terrorize Cyrodiil, as Pelinal Whitestrake predicts (here Alessia is referred to as Perrif):

"...but the Whitestrake did warn against the growing love with Perrif. "We are ada, Mor, and change things through love. We must take care lest we beget more monsters on this earth. If you do not desist, she will take to you, and you will transform all Cyrod if you do this."

Anyway, thanks for reminding me of that. As for the image itself, I agree with Losenko...beautiful and tranquil.
if you are what you are, then I am what I am. but you are the one who is defining muslims as monster with certain limits.
it's a creature with horns, not human, it doesn't have anything to do with muslims or anything human related.
you're getting this all wrong. my art is not about religion or politics since I don't care much about either, or human cultures in general. and it's in the surreal department so you shouldn't assume that you know what I'm talking about.
that is actually a reflection of myself and my being not human
well you dont like politics, but you are doing it so well.You arw saying it is all about art and not about anything else. well, I am saying it is not about art all over. but I know you wont accept it. there is nothing to do
I love your art, I dont have to like your opinions. and you dont have to like mine, either of course.
if I'm saying I don't do politics and this drawing has nothing to do with that, it means I have a very good reason to say it. and you should accept it and consider that you are seeing what you want in this and not what I'm saying.
if you don't understand that then I can't do much to persuade you otherwise. I'm not saying "it's all about art", I'm saying you happen to see some elements of Muslim culture in this, and you expand on that. what next? I'll have all the cultures of the Earth, that happen to wear cloaks, tell me that I am saying something bad about their culture?
some Tibetan or Mongolian people have hair in braids like that on one side and the other like the horns, and wear cloaks, what can I expect from them??
I'm being so adamant because I certainly didn't expect something like this to happen, and my meanings be twisted in such a weird way.
if this is what you really mean, thats ok, other ways are ok too.I am not angry or I dont want to change your mind. All I am saying what its echo in my mind."I'm not saying "it's all about art", I'm saying you happen to see some elements of Muslim culture in this, and you expand on that" yes I didnt say anything different. it looks so. if you can see the other comments the same echo goes there too. In a different twisted wierd way? you can be adamant, I am also.
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